eile it’s your birthday but at the hotel I’m at you have to purchase wifi so I can’t iMessage you or anything (I’m on my dads phone lol)


happy birthday! We met in 5th grade talking about cats during the faith rally (that’s probably when we became friends) and I can still remember all the trouble we got into in 5th grade hahaha
remember the love triangle/square? “I like this guy, this guy likes me, and this guy is a stalker”
and Dan Livingston?
and all those fun time with William Davis that we will probably tease Caroline about until she dies?
Like rocketeer?
The dentist?
And Caroline getting a demerit for calling William gay?
Our first forensics tournament?
“Who’s ready to party!?”
Remember the hallway?
Getting in trouble constantly?
Being part of a clique?
Remember Robert saying “I swear I was abducted by aliens!” and him wanting to write about that for his tall tale?
Also Thomas And Caroline are going to get married one day answers are going to be the bridesmaids yes? Remember Mrs. Wall and Mrs. Tonnies?
Remember 6th grade?
Drama club?
“He’s the reason for the tear drops on my saxophone”
Remember laughing too hard?
Remember me thinking you were going to die?
Remember “He’s so hot I can’t handle it!” And “Where’s my iPad?”
Remember Eric under the bed?
Remember 7th grade?
Us having all of our classes together
Math class with Mrs. Snow
Tmi and Tid
The drawing of Jem in math class? with the drugs?
Having lockers next to each other?
Mrs. FJ
being too cool for school
The forensics tournaments
Student council
Throwing a few wrinkles
Mr. Orio
Doctor who?
The guards?
a billion other inside jokes?
a thousand laughs
remember? and now eighth grade is gonna be amazin and a lucky pair are also going to get married and it all going to be because of us

The good news:
you’re fourteen.

The bad news:
you’re still young enough for the FAYZ. (you won’t be in charge of agriculture though)